In this episode we recognize some recent anime with well thought-out and meaningful honors in our first seasonal awards ceremony. Spring 2013 was host to some very animated productions and we at Anibros look forward to each and every show next season as well.
Yui Yuzako & Yukari
The suspense is killing these three, how about you?

On top of "covering" two seasons in one shorter-ish episode, we also may have avoided spoiling anything! Let us know what you're watching.

7/4/2013 11:31:08 am

You guys are hilarious this episode, "should I read it outloud? well... we are a radio show. Priceless, Jellokun and I are yet to review the upcoming season but we are probably in the same boat of a lot of stuff not looking very good. I am looking foward to Kimi no Iru Machi because i read the manga and it's quite the witty drama. Other than that i can only agree with you guys and I might check out Danganronpa. Keep up the good work!


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