Way back in 2012, we sat down with Pat and Mr. Gentleman to watch some Grade-A anime, because that's what people do at a New Year's Eve party right? You might remember the first one we watched but we also viewed Aikatsu! which eventually translates to "Idol Activities." This gave Pat the chance to literally sing his heart out and see if he had what it takes to be an idol!
The smile exam is gonna be tough this year!

We apologize for not including a lyrics sheet. Feel free to lip-synch; no one will ever know.

This episode is brought to you by our sheer determination to buckle down and watch all four episodes of the original OVA series You're Under Arrest! We then took time out of our busy day of watching other anime to review and give our impressions of these women in uniform.
Miyuki on the left is in charge of acceleration, and Natsumi on the right is in charge of brakes.

Feel free to keep track at home how many times a perp is placed "Under Arrest!"

This week we bring to you the thrilling conclusion to the night we watched anime with Pat and Mike (parts one and two of this trilogy). We finish things off with a little Code Breaker, or CØDE:BREAKER as it likes to be called. The show gets much better if you imagine it as a parody of the superpower/action/shounen genre.
This guy can pet a dog, he must be all right.

So set aside half an hour for laughs and get ready to find out who (if anyone) doesn't get burned.

The Anibros are back in action and armed with their opinions on Royal Space Force: The Wings of Honneamise. It's a sci-fi movie from 1987 about the first astronaut in an alternate universe. It's one of Laven's favorites, and since he had already seen it we decided to talk about it. Is it as good as they say? Let's find out!
This review is pretty comprehensive so there are some "spoilers I guess." So go ahead and watch Wings of Honneamise first if you haven't yet but were just about to. If you weren't about to, just listen to this episode and save yourself an hour.

In our continuing adventures with Pat and Mike, we watch and review the recent hit Girls Und Panzer. Will these schoolgirls and their tanks manage to win us over or will we spend the whole episode making fun of them? Listen for the unsurprising but hilarious result!
Here we can see the girls and panzer in their natural habitat.

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It's time to subject Pat to reviewing anime he doesn't enjoy. We're not the only ones to blame though, because we were joined by Pat's brother-in-law Mr. Gentleman. He's the one who presented to us the first episode of one of his all-time personal favorites: I My Me! Strawberry Eggs. The rest of us had never heard of it, but it was an anime after all, so what were we to do? NOT watch it?
We don't want to give too much away about this one, but every time a clumsy girl learns to run, a teacher gets a job.

We're joined once again by the hilarious Pat and new friend of the show Mike to watch the "best" anime summer 2012 had to offer. This time, we attempt the first episode of Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai, a show about a guy and his appreciation for the female body.
He has a "loyal" dog.

After taking as much of that as Pat could possibly stand, we switch to episode one of Koi to Senkyo to Chocolate, which managed to thoroughly confuse (yet intrigue) us.
Why must we bear witness to so many girls getting run over?

While we were riding in the car on the way to see Madoka Magica on the big screen, we got sidetracked and talked for a short time about our opinions on the length of an anime series.
Do YOU enjoy short episodes? Because this is one.

The bros get out of the house and go to the theater to see Madoka Magica on the silver screen! It was a magical girl marathon as we watched Part 1: Hajimari no Monogatari and Part 2: Eien no Monogatari over about four hours.
Stop crying and get in the car, we're going to talk about AOTY 2011 (besides Steins;Gate).
This time, the Bros tackle an involved discussion about some stuff they've been watching, as well as the fall 2012 season in general.

Which means that we, of course, put in our $0.02 about the recent developments in Space Brothers.
Ol' Muta.

Also, Laven talks at length about Master Keaton. Look for a full review sometime other than now.
He's a nice guy.